A bunch of one-off stuff I like (especially the Grown-ups Have No Idea one)
Typography2 project based on Stefan Sagmeister's book, Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far
Grown-ups Have No Idea:
Letters were cut out and placed in "adulting gone wrong" situations, then photographed. (That's coffee grounds and authentic poopy cat litter for the first pic. Yes, I burned a cake on purpose for this. No, the parking ticket isn't real.)

Fun fact: the folks holding phones with "no" and "idea" were kind strangers who let me photograph them (and did a great job looking bored) for my weird project. And I must add thanks to the bartender at Jolly Pumpkin who let me crouch behind the bar to snap a few pics. Yum, Oro de Calabaza.
I actually can Dance:
Hand-drawn lettering made into a linocut, letterpress print (thanks, Ingrid), lino glued onto swing-dancing shoe, and photographed in my favorite ballroom.

I've loved music my whole life but felt awkward dancing. In my 20s I became addicted to swing dancing (Lindy Hop in particular) and realized I'm not a bad dancer, all it takes is practice! (that's a lesson for YOU too!) Now I dance unabashedly, all kinds of dance; life's too short to not dance.
package design based on art nouveau style
Typography1 exercise, Poster advertising GDT classes
Geometric alphabet exercise
Type1: type specimen book, Neutraface
made in the style of a record sleeve
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